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Lorscheider car body repair is the best  partner for bodypaint and accidentrepairs

All services:  
Accident repairAll cars
DiagnosticWe check all electronic-systems of your car after repair
Original PartsWe repair your vehicle with original parts
Wheel aligment
With computer technology we correct the direction of the wheels, so everything will run again in lane
Plastic repairRepair, where it is possible, replace if necessary
Hail damage
With paint less dent repair system
Glass damage
We repair the glass or replace the window glass
Park bumps
Just the same we do with hail damage, we can repair this without paint
Insurance partner
We are operating partner of many insurance companies, inform yourself.
Towing and rescue service
Please call us, we drag or carry your car if necessary.
Spot repair
Often we can repair small damages without painting the whole part.
Air conditioning serviceWe clean, test, disinfect the air conditioning in your car
Basic cleaning / polishingWe can do a basic cleaning to your car
Window tintingYou want tinted or mirrored windows? We do it for you
Rental carFor the time of accident repair, we can assist in arranging a rental car
Cavity preservation
Protects reliably against rust
Rockfall protectionby transparent foil. The complete front car will be coated with a special foil, so rockfall has no chance
Tire service
Summer and winter tires of different brands constantly on offer
Industrial coatingsSpecial painting of industrial parts
Specialist for accident repairs
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